Who We Are

We are people who like to have fun! Our work is positively influencing the world through the video games we make and publish. We believe good entertainment can connect people of all ages and help build understanding throughout the world.

Who We Are Today

Hyper Hippo is a proud member of Canada’s Creative Industry, partnering with some of the best minds in the video games industry around the world. We are passionate about creating original IP and connecting people around the world through fun. We are a remote first company with team members across Canada and in the US, with physical locations in Kelowna, Vancouver and Seattle. Our games have been played by millions and millions of players around the globe.

Hyper Hippo Productions Office
Hyper Hippo Productions Team

A Brief Hippo History

Hyper Hippo started as a Canadian company in the beautiful city of Kelowna, British Columbia. Many of the team members came from drawing penguins and puffles at Club Penguin, an IP created by our founder, Lance Priebe.

Originally our Kelowna team was formed to create one game. We spent a lot of time on that one game… unfortunately, not many people liked it.

We knew there must be a better way to build games than to spend 2 years on a project no one liked to play. To accomplish this, we set off in a new direction, creating games in a lean development environment.

Our goal was to create game ideas quickly, and test these ideas with real players. We believed if players told us the game was good, then we had something into which we could invest our time and skill. It worked! And now we continue to build new game ideas, forming teams to focus on genres and areas of specialty.

We expanded beyond our Kelowna roots, and now we have team members working with us across Canada and the United States. Our goal is to create new games for players of all ages, and through our games we hope to connect players around the world.

Our Team

Our people make our organization tick! Every individual on our team is just that – an individual! Each employee has a talent, skill set and unique characteristic that lends to our culture. We are very protective of this culture because we know it’s what makes working here so great! Get to know our team and our culture by reading a little about who we are, below.

Hyper Hippo Entertainment Team

Become a Hippo!

We pride ourselves on building a team out of strong, collaborative leaders. It works! If you’re tired of being just an employee number, come be a part of something awesome with us.

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What We Do

We create! We make games! We connect people around the world through fun!

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