All of our teams strive to create and share something amazing that calls us into action every day.

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We really like Peter Thiel’s book titled “Zero to One”. It describes well our culture of creativity, describing the challenges of creating something that wasn’t there before. We have very experienced teams who know what to do once the creative lightning has been captured, but it is the quest to create and share something amazing that calls us into action every day.

If you, or your entire team, are looking for ways to create and grow digital entertainment, you love working with amazing people, you desire support to help you grow globally… then please, let us know what you’re up to. Connect with us, and then lets see how we can help one another.

Current Careers

We always have new and exciting career opportunities at our studios. If you thrive in a creative team culture, check out our openings. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Hyper Hippo Games


Hyper Hippo Games

Are you versatile, creative AND logical with an analytical mind? Do you separate the lego and sort by color; indicating that you are a highly organized individual, who excels at prioritizing? You laugh in the face of setbacks or pivots in game development, viewing them as a welcomed challenge.

What We’re Building at Hyper Hippo: Hyper Hippo Games is the studio behind the genre-defining hit “Original Idle Game” AdVenture Capitalist (+50 Million installs) and AdVenture Communist which is currently…

Hyper Hippo Productions

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Hyper Hippo Productions

Hyper Hippo is always on the lookout for the best and brightest talent. Even if we don't have your position posted we will happily take in your application for future considerations.

Who is Hyper Hippo? Hyper Hippo Productions is not your ‘average’ company … together we create a cohesive and creative team that does everything from video game production, to publishing, to...
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We create! We make games! We connect people around the world through fun!

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