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At Hyper Hippo we like to imagine the ways entertainment can make our world a better place. We want to make bold ideas real, connecting people of all ages from around the globe in fun & engaged community.

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We Are an Entertainment Company
Video games are a major part of our world. The Games industry is growing at a rapid pace, and it is an exciting arena for us to make our mark on modern culture. Hyper Hippo’s desired mark is simple: we want to connect people and provide entertainment that delights players of all ages. We are also exploring the concept of “Digital Toys” and what that will look like soon. This search may lead us beyond video games, as we explore how we play in today’s digital world. These efforts are what we refer to as our “Creative Pipeline.”
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Our High Performance Teams

To accomplish our goals at Hyper Hippo, we are excited to encourage, coach and invest in creative teams that match our brand and global aspirations. We highly respect the unique creative approaches different teams bring to the table, and we encourage unique approaches. We want Creative Minds to be enabled to create, and we believe Hyper Hippo can provide the environment and necessary business infrastructure to allow this to happen.

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We Love Working With Amazing People

Our culture of creativity embraces the challenge of creating something that wasn’t there before. We have very experienced teams who know what to do once the creative lightning has been captured, but it is the quest to create and share something amazing that calls us into action every day.

If you, or your entire team, are looking for ways to create and grow digital entertainment, you love working with amazing people, you desire support to help you grow globally… then please, let us know what you’re up to. Connect with us, and then lets see how we can help one another.

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