Wild Warfare





Steam Users: If you have an existing Wild Warfare account that you want linked to your Steam account, please contact wildwarfare@hyperhippo.ca for instructions on how to do so!


UPDATE: We just launched on Steam Early Access! Download the Steam version to earn achievements, play with friends, and get some exclusive items such as the Steam Cap and Golden Gun collection!

Time to lock and load – it’s about to get wild.

Wild Warfare is an old school, class-based, multiplayer First Person Shooter. It’s got armoured walkers, bears, missiles, capture the flag, exploding cactuses, and lots of other ridiculously awesome stuff thrown in there.  Join a team, or fight tooth and nail on your own — Wild Warfare has three intense modes to choose from, with more on the way. Built in chat lets you strategize with teammates, or to politely remind everyone how hardcore you are.  Wild Warfare is in Alpha release, and is free to play. Create an account to level up, unlock perks, and gain rank, or just jump right into the action. Available on browser or download.

Fight. Focus. Win. How long will YOU last in the wild?

View our Terms of Use HERE

Questions or issues with the game? Email us at wildwarfare@hyperhippo.ca

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