RS: Idle Adventures Code Redemption

Found in the in-game "Settings Menu" or Loading Screen
Redemption Code that you've received

What IS this place?

You've reached the super-secret redemption page of RuneScape: Idle Adventures! This is a space for players to enter special codes into their game. Please know that codes are one-time use, and must be matched with a valid Game ID in order to be redeemed.

Where do I get a code?

Codes are created for special events and gifts, directly from the Hyper Hippo team. If you have one, great! Enter it above! If you haven't received one yet, keep an eye out for special announcements and appearances via Facebook and Twitter.

How do I know if it worked?

Valid keys will show a green "success" message as soon as you hit the submit button above. Your gift will be immediately added to your game account, the next time you start up RS: Idle Adventures. You will not receive any special notification at this time, so keep a look out!

It's not working! Now what?

Gifts from redeemed codes should not take more than a minute or two to appear in game. You may need to wait a moment! If you receive a red "error" message above, please re-check that your code has not been used yet, and that you are using the correct Game ID. If you've tried everything, and nothing helps, click on the green "Help" button on the right!